The PCOS Podcast


The PCOS Podcast

Real, raw and relatable content so you can get off the meds, out of the diet rut and start working on yourself in a healthy and sustainable way.

You’ll hear about Megan’s own battles and successes, and get detailed insight into how and what it involves, so you can make the same positive changes towards the body you know you can achieve.

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Episode 0:  What the podcast is about & what’s in it for you


S1 Ep1: Megan’s Story

S1 Ep2: Controlling Insulin Resistance With Food

S1 Ep3: Controlling Your Cravings

S1 Ep4: How Do I Stay Motivated?

S1 Ep5: Emotional Eating

S1 Ep6: How To Critique Your Diet In Less Than 30secs

S1 Ep7: Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight 

S1 Ep8: Lifting Weights For Fatloss

S1 Ep9: Cardio Debunked

S1 Q&A: Your Questions Answered

S1 Ep10: How To Get Yourself Back On Track

S1 BONUS EPISODE: Carbs The Necessary Evil – Coastal Cysters Catch Up

S1 Ep11: Exposing Anxiety

S1 Ep12: Trusting Your Own Self Belief 

S1 Ep13: How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

S1 Ep14: Fail Proofing Your Goals

S1 Ep15: Freeing Yourself From Fatigue pt1

S1 Ep16: Freeing Yourself From Fatigue pt2

S1 Ep17: Battling Beyond The Pain

S1 Ep18: Six Secrets To A Life Beyond PCOS – Coastal Cysters Catch Up

S1 Ep19: Sorting Out Your Stress



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