The PCOS Podcast – Season 3


The PCOS Podcast

Season 3 – Emotionally Conquering Your PCOS

Real, raw and relatable content so you can get off the meds, out of the diet rut and start working on yourself in a healthy and sustainable way.

You’ll hear about Megan’s own battles and successes, and get detailed insight into how and what it involves, so you can make the same positive changes towards the body you know you can achieve.

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S3 Ep0: What’s In It For You

S3 Ep1: How To Expose Your PCOS

S3 Ep2: PCOS Explained For Your Partner

S3 Ep3: Stop Chasing Perfection

S3 Ep4: Overcoming Your Fear Of Failure

S3 Ep5: Combating PCOS & Endo

S3 Ep6: How To Find The Right Doctor

S3 Ep7: 10 Signs You’re About To Change Pt 1

S3 Ep8: 10 Signs You’re About To Change Pt 2

S3 Ep9: Overcoming Your Anxiety

Bonus Episode – PCOS & Fat Loss Course

S3 Ep10: Mistakes Make You Better

S3 Ep11: Are You Celebrating The Small Wins

S3 Ep12: A Boyfriends Perspective

S3 Ep13: How To Conquer A Busy Life & PCOS

S3 Ep14: Managing Your Self Doubt

S3 Ep15: Megs Gets Interviewed

S3 Ep16: Adversity The Silent Killer


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  2. PCOS & Fat Loss Course – exclusive to members of the FB group!
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