The PCOS Podcast – Season 1: Ep3 Controlling Your Cravings


Episode 3 – Controlling Your Cravings

Cravings are relentless, mind consuming and if you can’t seem to control them, you’ll forever feel like you’re fighting with your brain to not give in to them.

Cravings happen to everyone and none of us are immune to a full blown desire and addiction to satisfy that sweet tooth. This episode goes further into why cravings rear their head in the first place and how to manage it around your PCOS! You’ll hear about my cravings and tips on how to control them at the source so you can put a stop to them for good!

I welcome all feedback on what you’d like me to talk about, thoughts on how I can improve or answer a question for me to answer in an episode! is where you can reach me or drop your message/question below, I can’t wait to hear from you!

I hope you’re ready to take positive steps and gain back control of your body!


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