Awesome program! Megan made it easy to follow and was with me every step of the way. I can easily implement this into my lifestyle no matter what life throws at me. Can’t wait to see how much more I can achieve with her. -Rachael. VIC


I found Megan very encouraging & interested in my progress each week.The knowledge I have gained from Metabolic Bodies has helped me change my eating habits. If it wasn’t so easy & delicious, I would have been bored from the food I was eating & would not have stuck with it for more than a week!  -Donna. VIC


I have more energy & even with limited exercise I have seen results. I can see that once I can combine the nutritional & exercise guidance as suggested by Megan my results will accelerate.   -Mark. VIC


Great, knowledgeable consultant – positive experience & would recommend to others. I gained valuable knowledge to implement into my daily lifestyle & into the future. -Kylie VIC



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Krystine (working mum) had spent many years of dieting and over training. She decided the yo-yo cycle wasn’t for her and rebuilt her metabolism to operate how it should. She continues to look, feel and function better everyday and far beyond what she imagined was possible.



Roxy had tried a few diets that left her bloated and with uncontrollable cravings after every meal. It was consuming her mind and holding her back from the body she wanted. Roxy has taken the time to eat herself out of those uncontrollable cravings, eats more food than she ever has with no bloating and has already seen some incredible body changes!