Here’s The Plot Twist



It would be easy for me to stand here as a professional and tell you I did everything by the book and never stuffed up.

I’m too honest for that shit.

I guess the perception is that because I’m a PT, I’m different to everyone else and anything I achieve comes easy.

Plot twist: You’re out of luck my dear.

I’ve lost count how many times I got frustrated with my body and things that weren’t in my control. The frustration leads to self doubt. Self doubt makes you think your dreams are never going to be a reality and you succumb to being a victim of circumstance.

Self doubt makes you do weird stuff. It tells your mind it’s okay to slip into bad habits. Start slacking off at the gym. Find excuses not to spend time in the kitchen cooking food. Eating that extra bit of chocolate. Why? Because apparently I’m not worth it.

Then there are those days when you give a big middle finger to self doubt because you realise you’re King Dick and deserve every inch of what you want. It’s little bit selfish but above all, it’s self worth.

So why don’t I do everything perfect? It’s simple. Sometimes the big picture gets lost. We can get swept away with what’s in front of us or get complacent and it’s fine if we slack off a bit. It’s normal, it happens to everyone. It happens to me.

But here’s the thing…. When you have self worth you have a sweet spot called determination.

Determination means you are prepared to sacrifice. Sacrifice comes in the form of doing shit you don’t want to do, but doing it anyway because you want something so fucking badly.

Even though we loose our way sometimes, determination is what pulls us back to the big picture where you won’t settle for anything less than your best effort.

I failed so I should just give up, right?

I failed. I didn’t follow my plan 100% so I should just give up, right?

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Bad meal choices, sh!tty workouts, alcohol, way too much coffee and chocolate. I did it all.
But hang on… I’m a Personal Trainer and I transform other people’s lives for a living. I SHOULD BE PERFECT, right?
It doesn’t happen like that. I’ve been in your shoes before, I make mistakes like everyone else. No motivation, thought I wasn’t getting any results, plus you can throw my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and a ton of hormone meds into the mix and it’s a miracle I didn’t give up entirely.
But I must have done something right… so what was it?

  • I turned up to my workouts. Motivation got me up at 5.30am sometimes, but most mornings it was to see my awesome gym buddies and the fact I was still half asleep to make any alternate decision. The amount of times I’ve turned up with a tea towel instead of a sweat towel is probably more of a concern than anything else.
  • I always worked to get stronger. Sometimes I did a PB, sometimes I missed exercises all together. But overall, I’ve picked up more weight, grown muscle and got LEANER.
  • I spent my time with people who encouraged and supported the way I wanted to live. You’ve read my blog; ‘Finding the Control Panel?’ Well I wasn’t just writing for the sake of it. That was all me baby!
  • I started to slowly increase the amount of food or meals I ate. Vegetables, lean meats and the right kind of fats. You’ve seen my food pics and I’m lucky that I love to EAT!
  • In order to get better, I needed to keep myself accountable. Food, liquids and training got logged into my diary or phone. The good, the bad and the deep fried all got tracked to see where I needed to improve.
  • I reached out to people for help. Not once did I say I could do it on my own. Yes, the Trainer ask’s questions too and I’ll never preach to know everything!

But most of all, I was CONSISTENT.

Our inner health likes consistency so much that they show it off with things like glowing skin, your first ‘flu free winter’, a regular digestive system and thicker hair and nails. Then later on, the really good stuff starts to show. I’m talking about the nice muscles that give us more shape and some of the fat-loss we wanted the minute after we finished eating that first healthy meal.

I rebuilt the proper foundation (med free too I may add), and now the changes in my body just keep on coming.
The process works, we just need to stick to it.



Finding The Control Panel

The body I don’t have, muscles that don’t grow quick enough, belly fat that just never seems to go away. Why do I have to eat 10 x healthier than ‘naturally’ skinny Sandra in accounting, to look half as good as her? Why didn’t I get that lucky?
I look at myself several times a week and HATE what I see. Yuck!

Conscious, low-self esteem and jealousy all go through my mind on the daily.

You’ll rarely hear me tell you these things. No one likes to look weak.
Sure, we’ll complain to our loved ones on occasion, but deep down no one will understand how overwhelming it can get sometimes.

Laughing, smiling and confident. This is also who I am most of the time.
I look at myself several times a day and LOVE what I see and acknowledge how happy I am on the inside. I know I put in the hard work, and I can see it paying off.
But it wasn’t always this way.

My thoughts are like a roller coaster that I get to ride every moment of the day. The ride never stops, it only picks up extra people along the way who also get to influence the perception I should have of myself.

A while ago, I found the control panel. I always knew it existed, but never knew where to look or if I had the key to access it.
It was really hard to find at the start and I didn’t want anyone to catch me in the act.
I started to get sneaky by checking a few tickets. If they had qualities that I admired, encouraged or made me feel good about myself, they jumped on. I told them to sit at the front with me because it’s way more fun.
Negative, abusive, hidden agendas or if they just didn’t care about how their actions made me feel. NO ENTRY.

The ride had started to get pretty fun by this stage, even though I knew their were a few ‘moles’ still hiding in the back seats. They were watching me have a wow of time, but in reality it was getting harder to hear their snide remarks and whispers over our squeals and laughing at the front! All I could really see were their fake smiles when I turned around to second guess my thoughts.

I know it’s taken me a long time to find my control panel, it may be hard for you aswell. It’s normal. Heck, I don’t even know how to use all the buttons yet, but I’ll get there one day.
There’s no doubt my ride will always have scary and exciting moments, so I owe it to myself to choose who gets on and who doesn’t get past the turnstiles. I DESERVE IT and so do YOU.

Be brave and start checking some of those tickets.
We’ve all sat behind a mug while we listen to ‘Sandra’ brag about herself for the entire time. She doesn’t care about you so next time your ride slows down, kick her off!
Be brave and stop replying to those toxic texts or calls, and say no to that coffee date that is going to drain the hell out of you.
Initially you’ll hurt their feelings and you’ll probably feel pretty horrible about it too, but they’ll eventually stop trying and you’ll be left feeling on top of the world.

Start reserving the good seats for the ones who expose the dimples in your smile and turn your laugh into a cackle.

How Much Protein Can Your Body Use At One Time?

I been told before and fooled myself in the past…. Can’t the body only use 20-25gms of protein at any one time?

Protein needs are based on many different aspects of a person and their lifestyle. Body mass, biological age and actual age, digestion, frequency of meals per day and also the presence of other macro-nutrient needs. Lets not forget the type, duration, intensity or frequency of any exercise you may do on a regular basis.

Keep in mind that protein bio-availability from animals & plants will bare their own quality assessment & score differently depending on the source you choose.

Protein sources are absorbed and digested differently and at different rates. Whole foods & casein fall into the slow category because these types of proteins go through a full amino acid digestion in the lower intestine. Whey products fall into the fast category and the amino acids will enter your blood stream much quicker.

Recent and proven studies from scientific research (May 2002 & Jan 2012) have confirmed the safety in increasing protein in the diet without the risk of kidney damage. This is anywhere up to 3gms per 1kg of Body Mass. In fact there is evidence that proves the benefit of increasing protein intake to maintain a lean physique, speed up muscle repair and growth (injury & training purposes) and also curb sugar cravings by balancing your blood sugar levels.

The restrictive recommendations for an entire population set back around 50years ago (.8gms per 1Kg of Body Mass) are now sounding a little far fetched. It’s no secret the scientists are now telling us to include more protein in every meal if we want to achieve optimal health & a better looking body to match!

Metabolic Precision has educated me and allowed me to open up my eyes to real science proven data on all things nutrition and training. Having access to a comprehensive list for types, quality, quantity and timing of such proteins allows me to implement this into client food choices, plus accelerate recovery and make exercise specific adaptations for their needs too.

My tip? Choose fast absorbing whey protein around the times you complete an intense workout, whole food sources during the day & if necessary, a slow absorbing casein supplement at night.


Metabolic Precision is not a diet, it’s a sustainable lifestyle.




Is Omega 3 Really That Important?

You see it in the chemist, in the health food aisle and talked about on TV. But what is Omega 3? What does it do? Do you need to take it?

Omega 3 exists as an Essential Fatty Acid in the Poly-Unsaturated family. It has an important bio chemical role which is not to be confused with its sibling Omega 6. It acts as an anti-viral, contains anti-cancer properties & will serve as a natural laxative when consumed on a regular basis.

An ideal ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 is 4:1. The majority of people will have around 25:1 which typically reflects our Western diet, even the health nuts will generally sit around 15:1 if they are lucky.

So what happens when there is an imbalance or deficiency?

Science research has proven that fat metabolism, muscle recovery and chronic inflammation can be associated with an Omega 3 imbalance or deficiency.

This will affect problems with cardiovascular disease, mental illness including depression, unwanted weight gain and your body’s ability to balance insulin levels (diabetes). Children have been under the microscope too and shown improvements in concentration and behavior including ADHA when an Omega 3 imbalance has been treated.


‘So I’ll just have a few fish oils tablets with my toast in the morning…’

Sadly it’s going to be a more involved than that.

Experts are recommending an optimal dose of 6-9gms per day but up to 60gms a day to correct a chronic deficiency. Being mindful of your Omega 6 intake and limiting it where possible is also going to give you the best chance to repair the damage.

The most readily available source of Omega 3 is going to boost your chances of optimal levels so think natural foods first like flaxseed/linseed oil, whole/crushed linseeds, salmon, canola and walnuts. Omega 3 supplements are not absorbed by the body as easily as the mentioned foods, so use them in addition to natural sources or when consuming them isn’t an option.


In conclusion, Omega 3 IS really important so don’t wait until it’s too late!


If you want to know more about your individual Omega 3 needs, PM me for more info and become apart of the team in my next Metabolic Transformation where you’ll get a personalised plan for optimal health.

Summer Body and Christmas Food, It Can Be Done!

By now everyone’s calendars are packed with events. Xmas is only a few weeks away & the urge to see everyone before the year’s out is overwhelmingly exciting.

But wait, what about your summer body? With all those dinners, BBQ’s and catch up drinks, surely that is going to put that idea off until January. Then there’s Xmas day & you sure as hell aren’t missing out on all the trimmings!

Most people are either falling into extreme anxiety or ecstasy thinking about all the food that they are going to be faced with. So what can you do to avoid the Xmas blow out, still enjoy the festivities & put on your new beach wear without a care in the world?

  1. Plan your week

You normally head to the gym Thursday nights, but now it’s work thing. “Oh well, another missed workout I’ll just have to do an extra 2 hours cardio to make up for… “, I hear this quite often & I’m going to label that “Worst Idea Ever”. I heard this story that one day this a guy set his alarm for an hour earlier & exercised before work so he didn’t miss that session. Never did he regret getting up early and I believe he’s still alive to this day. I dare you guys to try it too. In-fact you’ll probably get through it quicker because #gymwankers aren’t there stalling on the equipment. Convince your #gymbestie along for extra encouragement too.


2. Whats On Your Plate

Mouth watering meats, seafood, roasted veges & summer fruits are all filled with nutritional benefits. Protein, vitamins & minerals should be consumed without hesitation so fill your plate with the good stuff & the remainder of your plate with the not so nutritional stuff. Note: Gravy is not an option, I want to see your peas floating.

3. Pick Your Battles

Lets all agree that most people can’t go to every event, gorge on whatever their eye sees and still walk away with a dream body in tow. Weight gain is progressive so a handful of ‘over eating’ occasions is not going to impact your results as opposed a month of over eating. Choose what you absolutely can’t go without and pass on the rest. Starters like nuts, bread, dip & lollies can be eaten anytime of the year. Save yourself for Nana’s famous pudding or your Aunts pavlova you have been waiting 12 months to devour.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol is inevitable this time of the year. Hell you will probably find yourself drinking around 12 extra drinks in a week during the month of Dec. So lets try to minimise the repercussions of excess calories in those beverages. My tip is to get out that water jug that’s been hiding away & fill it with mineral water. Infuse with fruit, a touch of cordial & stacks of ice. Putting it on display with some glasses beside will encourage you & anyone else to enjoy a calorie free beverage. Choosing diet soft drinks over ‘full strength’ has it’s benefits & can save you around 800 cals if you do it for the entire day!

I love this recipe by for some water inspirations.


  • 4L Mineral or Soda Water
  • 1 Punnet of Strawberries, sliced
  • 1/2 Continental Cucumber, sliced
  • 1 Small Handful Fresh Basil, finely slivered
  • Ice

Place all ingredients into jug & top with three to four trays of ice

Allow to infuse for 20mins before consuming

5. Sit for Success

OMG I love those mince pies!! Countless times do I hear myself say that about a particular food over the holidays so I make a conscious effort to sit as far away from it as possible. If the food is right in front of me I will be more inclined to pick at it & so I choose another seat or offer it down the table away from my sight.


6. Homecooked Savior

Going to a house hold party is the perfect excuse to bring along something homemade.  If you think the event could be short on the healthier choices, bring a dish that you can enjoy without a worry. Not only will the host thank you for lending a hand, but homemade flavours are sure to impress at a large gathering. Think slices, salads, dips or deserts that compliment the catering & can be served with minimal heating or hassle.


7. Play the Vanity Card

Baggy sweater & flowy dresses. Sure they look nice but how about choosing your favourite skinny jeans or that beautiful pencil dress to the next Xmas do. Knowing you look amazing in a particular outfit will not only make you feel elegant & slim but now you have the gentle reminder to say no to second & third helpings of food. #nofoodbaby

8. Pass on the Guilt

Feeling guilty after eating something you knew was way off your usual eating routine can breed a unhealthy relationship with food in the long term. Everyone goes there at some stage & I still find myself thinking those thoughts on occasions as well. It’s normal. But abandoning those thoughts & reminding yourself that it is a guilt free indulgence will allow you to bounce back into the everyday ritual.


Let the Christmas celebrations begin!

Why Do I Avoid Doing Meal Plans?

Quite often when I get inquiries about my Body Transformation programs, one of the most popular questions is ‘what’s the meal plan like?’
Good question, I don’t blame them for asking. Why? Because the nutrition & fitness industry have long used them as a staple to get people results. Trainers are taught to create them and clients are expected to follow them.
If you are new to Metabolic Nutrition or any of my services, I’m hear to tell you I think MEAL PLANS SUCK!
They don’t work for long term results.
How many times have you looked at a plan that tells you to have a particular food, at the exact amount, at a precise time every day.
7am- 2 scrambled eggs, 1 small fruit, 2 pcs wholemeal bread, 2tsp butter & 1 cup green tea
10am- 1 handful of nuts & 1 glass of water
12.30pm- 1 slice ham, 4 cherry tomatoes………
This is starting to look like chemist prescription if you ask me.
Some people say to me…’but Megan I just want a plan, I don’t want to figure all this out, just tell me!’
So what happens after a while?
Life gets in the way.
You make dinner plans, need to work late, have to organise the kids, you weren’t prepared, you have a holiday coming up in a few weeks or maybe you just don’t want to eat nuts at 10am.
Your plan is already set up for failure & you haven’t even started yet!
But what if you followed the plan exactly?
The reality is that plan would work for the immediate future. But then our bodies get too smart, start to adapt & the results plateau.
Did someone think about the variety of nutrients you are missing out from other food groups?  (Insert coach & meal plan resentment here)
Suggestion of the day: Unless you are meeting a short term goal like an athlete making a weight class or entering a bodybuilding comp then I say you should PASS.
I’m not even going down the track of long term food restrictions… If you didn’t see him before, that’s the elephant in the room who’s screaming disordered eating, hormone & metabolic damage, along with a bundle of serious health consequences.
Worse still, you’ve paid someone to set you up for this…
I can already hear a few people getting turned off.
Good this was my point. MEAL PLANS SUCK!
All this time worrying about how to stick to a plan, when you could have been learning how to make permanent, lasting results & avoid the ‘diet game.’
I promise as a Metabolic Nutritionist…
I will NOT give you a shopping list every week.
I will NOT give you an eating disorder.
I WILL make you healthier.
I WILL let you eat what you like & still make the results shine through.
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Keep a eye out for my next blog on How To Start The Ball Rolling on that Summer Body and Still Enjoy the Christmas Cheer!