Here’s The Plot Twist



It would be easy for me to stand here as a professional and tell you I did everything by the book and never stuffed up.

I’m too honest for that shit.

I guess the perception is that because I’m a PT, I’m different to everyone else and anything I achieve comes easy.

Plot twist: You’re out of luck my dear.

I’ve lost count how many times I got frustrated with my body and things that weren’t in my control. The frustration leads to self doubt. Self doubt makes you think your dreams are never going to be a reality and you succumb to being a victim of circumstance.

Self doubt makes you do weird stuff. It tells your mind it’s okay to slip into bad habits. Start slacking off at the gym. Find excuses not to spend time in the kitchen cooking food. Eating that extra bit of chocolate. Why? Because apparently I’m not worth it.

Then there are those days when you give a big middle finger to self doubt because you realise you’re King Dick and deserve every inch of what you want. It’s little bit selfish but above all, it’s self worth.

So why don’t I do everything perfect? It’s simple. Sometimes the big picture gets lost. We can get swept away with what’s in front of us or get complacent and it’s fine if we slack off a bit. It’s normal, it happens to everyone. It happens to me.

But here’s the thing…. When you have self worth you have a sweet spot called determination.

Determination means you are prepared to sacrifice. Sacrifice comes in the form of doing shit you don’t want to do, but doing it anyway because you want something so fucking badly.

Even though we loose our way sometimes, determination is what pulls us back to the big picture where you won’t settle for anything less than your best effort.

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