I failed so I should just give up, right?

I failed. I didn’t follow my plan 100% so I should just give up, right?

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Bad meal choices, sh!tty workouts, alcohol, way too much coffee and chocolate. I did it all.
But hang on… I’m a Personal Trainer and I transform other people’s lives for a living. I SHOULD BE PERFECT, right?
It doesn’t happen like that. I’ve been in your shoes before, I make mistakes like everyone else. No motivation, thought I wasn’t getting any results, plus you can throw my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and a ton of hormone meds into the mix and it’s a miracle I didn’t give up entirely.
But I must have done something right… so what was it?

  • I turned up to my workouts. Motivation got me up at 5.30am sometimes, but most mornings it was to see my awesome gym buddies and the fact I was still half asleep to make any alternate decision. The amount of times I’ve turned up with a tea towel instead of a sweat towel is probably more of a concern than anything else.
  • I always worked to get stronger. Sometimes I did a PB, sometimes I missed exercises all together. But overall, I’ve picked up more weight, grown muscle and got LEANER.
  • I spent my time with people who encouraged and supported the way I wanted to live. You’ve read my blog; ‘Finding the Control Panel?’ Well I wasn’t just writing for the sake of it. That was all me baby!
  • I started to slowly increase the amount of food or meals I ate. Vegetables, lean meats and the right kind of fats. You’ve seen my food pics and I’m lucky that I love to EAT!
  • In order to get better, I needed to keep myself accountable. Food, liquids and training got logged into my diary or phone. The good, the bad and the deep fried all got tracked to see where I needed to improve.
  • I reached out to people for help. Not once did I say I could do it on my own. Yes, the Trainer ask’s questions too and I’ll never preach to know everything!

But most of all, I was CONSISTENT.

Our inner health likes consistency so much that they show it off with things like glowing skin, your first ‘flu free winter’, a regular digestive system and thicker hair and nails. Then later on, the really good stuff starts to show. I’m talking about the nice muscles that give us more shape and some of the fat-loss we wanted the minute after we finished eating that first healthy meal.

I rebuilt the proper foundation (med free too I may add), and now the changes in my body just keep on coming.
The process works, we just need to stick to it.



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