How Much Protein Can Your Body Use At One Time?

I been told before and fooled myself in the past…. Can’t the body only use 20-25gms of protein at any one time?

Protein needs are based on many different aspects of a person and their lifestyle. Body mass, biological age and actual age, digestion, frequency of meals per day and also the presence of other macro-nutrient needs. Lets not forget the type, duration, intensity or frequency of any exercise you may do on a regular basis.

Keep in mind that protein bio-availability from animals & plants will bare their own quality assessment & score differently depending on the source you choose.

Protein sources are absorbed and digested differently and at different rates. Whole foods & casein fall into the slow category because these types of proteins go through a full amino acid digestion in the lower intestine. Whey products fall into the fast category and the amino acids will enter your blood stream much quicker.

Recent and proven studies from scientific research (May 2002 & Jan 2012) have confirmed the safety in increasing protein in the diet without the risk of kidney damage. This is anywhere up to 3gms per 1kg of Body Mass. In fact there is evidence that proves the benefit of increasing protein intake to maintain a lean physique, speed up muscle repair and growth (injury & training purposes) and also curb sugar cravings by balancing your blood sugar levels.

The restrictive recommendations for an entire population set back around 50years ago (.8gms per 1Kg of Body Mass) are now sounding a little far fetched. It’s no secret the scientists are now telling us to include more protein in every meal if we want to achieve optimal health & a better looking body to match!

Metabolic Precision has educated me and allowed me to open up my eyes to real science proven data on all things nutrition and training. Having access to a comprehensive list for types, quality, quantity and timing of such proteins allows me to implement this into client food choices, plus accelerate recovery and make exercise specific adaptations for their needs too.

My tip? Choose fast absorbing whey protein around the times you complete an intense workout, whole food sources during the day & if necessary, a slow absorbing casein supplement at night.


Metabolic Precision is not a diet, it’s a sustainable lifestyle.




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