Is Omega 3 Really That Important?

You see it in the chemist, in the health food aisle and talked about on TV. But what is Omega 3? What does it do? Do you need to take it?

Omega 3 exists as an Essential Fatty Acid in the Poly-Unsaturated family. It has an important bio chemical role which is not to be confused with its sibling Omega 6. It acts as an anti-viral, contains anti-cancer properties & will serve as a natural laxative when consumed on a regular basis.

An ideal ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 is 4:1. The majority of people will have around 25:1 which typically reflects our Western diet, even the health nuts will generally sit around 15:1 if they are lucky.

So what happens when there is an imbalance or deficiency?

Science research has proven that fat metabolism, muscle recovery and chronic inflammation can be associated with an Omega 3 imbalance or deficiency.

This will affect problems with cardiovascular disease, mental illness including depression, unwanted weight gain and your body’s ability to balance insulin levels (diabetes). Children have been under the microscope too and shown improvements in concentration and behavior including ADHA when an Omega 3 imbalance has been treated.


‘So I’ll just have a few fish oils tablets with my toast in the morning…’

Sadly it’s going to be a more involved than that.

Experts are recommending an optimal dose of 6-9gms per day but up to 60gms a day to correct a chronic deficiency. Being mindful of your Omega 6 intake and limiting it where possible is also going to give you the best chance to repair the damage.

The most readily available source of Omega 3 is going to boost your chances of optimal levels so think natural foods first like flaxseed/linseed oil, whole/crushed linseeds, salmon, canola and walnuts. Omega 3 supplements are not absorbed by the body as easily as the mentioned foods, so use them in addition to natural sources or when consuming them isn’t an option.


In conclusion, Omega 3 IS really important so don’t wait until it’s too late!


If you want to know more about your individual Omega 3 needs, PM me for more info and become apart of the team in my next Metabolic Transformation where you’ll get a personalised plan for optimal health.

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