Summer Body and Christmas Food, It Can Be Done!

By now everyone’s calendars are packed with events. Xmas is only a few weeks away & the urge to see everyone before the year’s out is overwhelmingly exciting.

But wait, what about your summer body? With all those dinners, BBQ’s and catch up drinks, surely that is going to put that idea off until January. Then there’s Xmas day & you sure as hell aren’t missing out on all the trimmings!

Most people are either falling into extreme anxiety or ecstasy thinking about all the food that they are going to be faced with. So what can you do to avoid the Xmas blow out, still enjoy the festivities & put on your new beach wear without a care in the world?

  1. Plan your week

You normally head to the gym Thursday nights, but now it’s work thing. “Oh well, another missed workout I’ll just have to do an extra 2 hours cardio to make up for… “, I hear this quite often & I’m going to label that “Worst Idea Ever”. I heard this story that one day this a guy set his alarm for an hour earlier & exercised before work so he didn’t miss that session. Never did he regret getting up early and I believe he’s still alive to this day. I dare you guys to try it too. In-fact you’ll probably get through it quicker because #gymwankers aren’t there stalling on the equipment. Convince your #gymbestie along for extra encouragement too.


2. Whats On Your Plate

Mouth watering meats, seafood, roasted veges & summer fruits are all filled with nutritional benefits. Protein, vitamins & minerals should be consumed without hesitation so fill your plate with the good stuff & the remainder of your plate with the not so nutritional stuff. Note: Gravy is not an option, I want to see your peas floating.

3. Pick Your Battles

Lets all agree that most people can’t go to every event, gorge on whatever their eye sees and still walk away with a dream body in tow. Weight gain is progressive so a handful of ‘over eating’ occasions is not going to impact your results as opposed a month of over eating. Choose what you absolutely can’t go without and pass on the rest. Starters like nuts, bread, dip & lollies can be eaten anytime of the year. Save yourself for Nana’s famous pudding or your Aunts pavlova you have been waiting 12 months to devour.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol is inevitable this time of the year. Hell you will probably find yourself drinking around 12 extra drinks in a week during the month of Dec. So lets try to minimise the repercussions of excess calories in those beverages. My tip is to get out that water jug that’s been hiding away & fill it with mineral water. Infuse with fruit, a touch of cordial & stacks of ice. Putting it on display with some glasses beside will encourage you & anyone else to enjoy a calorie free beverage. Choosing diet soft drinks over ‘full strength’ has it’s benefits & can save you around 800 cals if you do it for the entire day!

I love this recipe by for some water inspirations.


  • 4L Mineral or Soda Water
  • 1 Punnet of Strawberries, sliced
  • 1/2 Continental Cucumber, sliced
  • 1 Small Handful Fresh Basil, finely slivered
  • Ice

Place all ingredients into jug & top with three to four trays of ice

Allow to infuse for 20mins before consuming

5. Sit for Success

OMG I love those mince pies!! Countless times do I hear myself say that about a particular food over the holidays so I make a conscious effort to sit as far away from it as possible. If the food is right in front of me I will be more inclined to pick at it & so I choose another seat or offer it down the table away from my sight.


6. Homecooked Savior

Going to a house hold party is the perfect excuse to bring along something homemade.  If you think the event could be short on the healthier choices, bring a dish that you can enjoy without a worry. Not only will the host thank you for lending a hand, but homemade flavours are sure to impress at a large gathering. Think slices, salads, dips or deserts that compliment the catering & can be served with minimal heating or hassle.


7. Play the Vanity Card

Baggy sweater & flowy dresses. Sure they look nice but how about choosing your favourite skinny jeans or that beautiful pencil dress to the next Xmas do. Knowing you look amazing in a particular outfit will not only make you feel elegant & slim but now you have the gentle reminder to say no to second & third helpings of food. #nofoodbaby

8. Pass on the Guilt

Feeling guilty after eating something you knew was way off your usual eating routine can breed a unhealthy relationship with food in the long term. Everyone goes there at some stage & I still find myself thinking those thoughts on occasions as well. It’s normal. But abandoning those thoughts & reminding yourself that it is a guilt free indulgence will allow you to bounce back into the everyday ritual.


Let the Christmas celebrations begin!

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