Why Do I Avoid Doing Meal Plans?

Quite often when I get inquiries about my Body Transformation programs, one of the most popular questions is ‘what’s the meal plan like?’
Good question, I don’t blame them for asking. Why? Because the nutrition & fitness industry have long used them as a staple to get people results. Trainers are taught to create them and clients are expected to follow them.
If you are new to Metabolic Nutrition or any of my services, I’m hear to tell you I think MEAL PLANS SUCK!
They don’t work for long term results.
How many times have you looked at a plan that tells you to have a particular food, at the exact amount, at a precise time every day.
7am- 2 scrambled eggs, 1 small fruit, 2 pcs wholemeal bread, 2tsp butter & 1 cup green tea
10am- 1 handful of nuts & 1 glass of water
12.30pm- 1 slice ham, 4 cherry tomatoes………
This is starting to look like chemist prescription if you ask me.
Some people say to me…’but Megan I just want a plan, I don’t want to figure all this out, just tell me!’
So what happens after a while?
Life gets in the way.
You make dinner plans, need to work late, have to organise the kids, you weren’t prepared, you have a holiday coming up in a few weeks or maybe you just don’t want to eat nuts at 10am.
Your plan is already set up for failure & you haven’t even started yet!
But what if you followed the plan exactly?
The reality is that plan would work for the immediate future. But then our bodies get too smart, start to adapt & the results plateau.
Did someone think about the variety of nutrients you are missing out from other food groups?  (Insert coach & meal plan resentment here)
Suggestion of the day: Unless you are meeting a short term goal like an athlete making a weight class or entering a bodybuilding comp then I say you should PASS.
I’m not even going down the track of long term food restrictions… If you didn’t see him before, that’s the elephant in the room who’s screaming disordered eating, hormone & metabolic damage, along with a bundle of serious health consequences.
Worse still, you’ve paid someone to set you up for this…
I can already hear a few people getting turned off.
Good this was my point. MEAL PLANS SUCK!
All this time worrying about how to stick to a plan, when you could have been learning how to make permanent, lasting results & avoid the ‘diet game.’
I promise as a Metabolic Nutritionist…
I will NOT give you a shopping list every week.
I will NOT give you an eating disorder.
I WILL make you healthier.
I WILL let you eat what you like & still make the results shine through.
 MP results logo
Keep a eye out for my next blog on How To Start The Ball Rolling on that Summer Body and Still Enjoy the Christmas Cheer!

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